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There's got to be a better solution to international conflicts than to cordon off the area and insert 'international peacekeeping forces' .. 

firefox 3

just in case anyone was wondering about firefox 3 -- i installed it on my 3-year old iBook and it flies compared to firefox 2 which was always kinda laggy ..  it also looks nicer and has better features to boot.


    it's so weird to revisit lj and find old friends still posting in my absence.. so much has changed since i last looked, i'm married, and a father, i've learned so much, and my life has transformed endlessly..   it seems at face value like everyone here is still the same --  which means basically whatever it is about someone that makes them unique and changes and grows with time doesn't come through here..

..it's a false sense of people :(

i probably won't post here anymore

my newer blog is up @ http://thismortal.co.il/blog/

i update that one semi-regularly..
i'm kinda in the midst of transitioning from yitz.com to thismortal.co.il
i don't know why exactly, just cuz i feel like it--so much of the content on yitz.com has been lost over the years, i will distill it down and add newer more organized stuff by and about me to thismortalcoil instead..



having been using gmail for a while now.. i can safely say, it's the first webap i've seen that makes proper use of the DOM so as not to need to reload the whole page on each click.

also, when it's not freaking out and getting really annoying, it's an amazingly useful tool. i likes.

Yahoo vs GMail

i just realized the best reason to switch away from Yahoo mail, every time i want to sign in i start typing my username and then have to stop and click secure, then wait for the login page to load again, then log in. that is just plain annoying. why even have a non-secure login option? Hotmail and GMail both only have a secure mode as far as i can tell. The only reason not to use Hotmail is slooowwww load times and low availability. Who knows what GMail will be like when their are (a lot) more people using it. . but so far, so good. also, the (almost entirely) text only interface ensures faster loading times.. and i've always liked google's non-intrusive wwweb ads.

why do they always let microsoft win?

Remember the board game Risk??
What was the most frustrating thing about the game? For me it was knowing that when two people duked it out all they accomplished was to weaken themselves so a third player could kill them both off. Now, why would Yahoo and Google want to do exactly that and allow players like AOL and MSN a chance to actually get back into the game?


i need less transience and more functionality and flexibility than a blog, but more predetermined order than a Wikki.. (but it should have the potential to be directionless like a wikki should one want it like that) ..hmm what to make.. what to make.. i mean i made dNote for myself but i think it would be too complicated (ie. annoying) and it's still to rough for other peoples..

maybe a wikkified blogish beast? nothing you couldn't really do with existing blogs or wikkis.. nothing that isn't already sort of being done.. but nothing is quite right for me yet .. (shrug)..
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the Kabballah Center

I've always heard about it, and there used to be one on Emek Refaim near where I used to live.. but it closed down. I never really paid it much attention, it's a fad. But, I didn't realize it was expanding too such an extent that it's become like Scientology. The shocking part was the (alleged) fact that they are required to give 1/10th of their income to the Kabbalah Center. Which is a scary abberration of the real Jewish requirement which is to give (if you can afford it) one tenth of your income to charity.
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funny new word

my cow-orker Oren accidentally came up with a new coinage: "zeuschrist" (copyright and trademark him).. or maybe he just said jesuschrist but i heard zeuschrist which is funnier.. plus if you say it fast enough and in a commanding tone it sounds like a german word..