hassidicstories.com is kewel

apparently mary had a little lamb was inspired by an actual girl and a lamb.. but i find it hard to believe it wasn't an old christian nursery rhyme..

madonna's 2004 world tour is called 'the whore of babylon world tour' ?? she's been smoking too much kabbalah..

tv addiction [040219.1353]
long article on television addiction @ sciam.com

confirms things ive thought about, but it's nice to hear it discussed so thoroughly .. though there are things they leave out (like the actual content being enticing)

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle that was previously the last known longest google spelling (to find a link on google).. Read more...Collapse )

captain america [040218.0916]
'The Darpa project, called "Metabolic Dominance" or "peak soldier performance," ' -- i'm hearing 'Super soldier serum'

a microsoft spokesman defended against the 'monoculture' threat by pointing out that: "computers can be unplugged from the network and rebooted; organisms cannot." proving once more that microsoft would rather require a reboot than solve problems they created..

kewel idea for a simple game blood sucking vampire wwwebgame

i dunno if its me .. but i do like bowler hats.. so.. (i was very upset the punctuation mark question left out both parenthesis and elipsis, my two favorite means of organising communication).. (i played around with it a bit after my results: if you enter no answers you get a dunce cap, if you click every checkbox available you get a crown.. sounds to me like the quiz is biased ;))

What Sort of Hat Are You? I am a Bowler Hat.I am a Bowler Hat.

I'm very proper, often politically correct, precise and dapper. I generally look down on the masses, but I usually try not to let it show. What Sort of Hat Are You?

i found this in jonbaker's journal..

(from wired.com) [040211.1452]
"In March, California researchers reported that San Francisco-area women have three to 10 times as much chemical flame retardant in their breast tissue as European or Japanese women."

(cool, you mean californians are more fire-proof than the rest of the world?)

hey there was just an earthquake.. very slight, here in jerusalem .. i've never been in an earthquake before.. weird.. obviously @ first everyone was wondering if it was an explosion, but everyone here has military training and they'd never felt anything like it in combat.. a weird world we live in..

something to think about .. (but not something to troll or flame about please) .. before people could ask who killed jesus, don't they need to ask if he ever lived at all? i think it is important to note that there is no clear archeological evidence that he ever lived. (which is true of most people who lived 2000 years ago.)
(of course i know he lived, the talmud talks about him and i believe the talmud to be accurate and trustworthy. that's not the point though.)

finally.. a weather database that has records since 2000 [040210.0932]

anyone know of other weather databases that allow you to check the weather of a specific day all over the world (or even just in the US or just in Jerusalem) ??

my baby brother (age 6) asked my mother how we know God really exists.. .. i will have to think of a story for how to best relate it to him.

they call me hananya [040209.1152]
in two different lil sepharadi minyanim where i've been praying.. they kind of inadvertantly changed my name from hanan, to hananya .. which is weird because in the atbash permutation, hananya becomes the equivalent gematriah of my name yitzhak. (208)
(i found my gematria engine again and i was playing with it)

oh, and i got a 100 NIS (~ 22$) fine this morning for crossing the street on a red standing guy. (as opposed to a green walking guy) ..
i probably should have argued w/ the officerette .. but i was like, ok, you caught me, give me the ticket and let me get to work (shrug) ..

funny episode this morning: [040209.1019]
so there's always a bunch of people crashing @ our appartment.. last night there were 3 guys sprawled on the floor and spare beds.. one o them asked me to wake him..

so i wake up this guy who asked me to wake him at 6:00.
he says: "what? what happened to the light? why's there no light?"
me says: "dawn is @ 6:21, there's no light till then.."
he says: "huh?"
me says: "you want me to wake u @ 7:15 when i get back?"
he says: "yeah, that would be good."

(ps. in case you are wondering, we have electricity but there was another guy sleeping in the room who didn't want to be up till eight..)
(pps. if you don't find the conversation as funny as i did.. you should probably try hearing it @ 6am .. oh and maybe it lost something in translation from the hebrew) ..

PSA [040208.1447]
i got that stupid blog-cross-post about The Passion. i haven't seen the film .. but i've heard it is pretty anti-semitic..
i usually take that kind of thing w/ a grain of salt, but anti-semitic sentiments seem to be rising everywhere. .
(and by anti-semitic i mean anti-jewish) .. that was the first time i can recall ever deleting a comment.. (well, one that wasn't written by me anyways)

almost embarrassed to admit i've only just got around to looking @ css.. i'm growing sedentary in my old age..

i just saw the funniest thing this month..
someone was eating pizza and dropped a piece of a tomato on his keyboard.. he threw out the tomato, took a paper towel and brushed it once up and down his keyboard... and his machine just shuts down. "windows will now shutdown" and everything..
(it wasn't a weird internet keyboard either.. it was a standard 104key keyboard..)

i laughed so loud everyone in the office stood up from their cubicles to see what caused the commotion..

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